Weekend Part one


Well Friday morning I got a call from daddy and he said meet him at 5 and he would sneak me in. Around 2 I texted and said I am about to leave if you are sure. He called and said well actually I am really tired and I wouldn’t be good company and I don’t know what time my daughter is coming and he kept going. I just sat and cried while he talked. After he hung up I did something I should not have done, I sent him a message that he sent me Wednesday that said don’t worry because no matter what I will see you this weekend. I sent it with please don’t send me messages like this and expect me to continue to believe in you. I said I understand you are tired and I do not wish to bother you. I told him that the weird thing was I didn’t want to see him for sex but just to spend time with him, cuddle, talk, sleep……..


Snow Days



So yesterday daddy told me that we would go on our regular weekend trip and if he got the call to go on his business trip I could take him to the airport. 

 This morning he called around ten and that had changed. Now his daughter and her husband were coming to town on Saturday and leaving Monday. He said I should come stay with him tomorrow night. He said he would sneak me in and then back out early Saturday. I told him that was risky because his daughter could show up. He said for him to do the thinking and me just say yes sir. Then I didn’t hear from him until almost nine tonight when he texted me and said he would call me in the morning and good night. 

I have a gut feeling that he will call and cancel the whole thing. And honestly it would probably be for the best. I mean we had a big romantic weekend planned. I haven’t seen him in three weeks. And now he wants to sneak me into his wife’s house with the possibility of his daughter showing up. That’s just a disaster waiting to happen. 

He said we will have the next two weekends and then three weekends in April. Of course I don’t believe him. 

Tonight while I was waiting for him to text or call I fell asleep and he was in my dream. He was the sweetest guy and he had this whole romantic weekend planned for me. I just want to see him without fear. 

Mixed up day


Please explain why men get your hopes up just to squash them later in the day. 

Yesterday daddy cancelled the trip that he planned over a month ago. He had a business trip come up and was to leave town Wednesday till Sunday. This morning he started off by saying that he figured out how we could still see each other this weekend. He told me to come when he gets off the plane Sunday and stay with him till Tuesday.  

Although it isn’t the 5 day getaway he originally planned it sounded good just to see him. 

He called on his way home and I asked what time his flight is tomorrow. His reply ‘about that”. I knew the news wouldn’t be good. He said he will either be flying out Thursday and back Monday or fly out Saturday and back Wednesday. Either of those pretty much cancels our weekend. 

He said he won’t know for sure till tomorrow. 

My question:  since yesterday  he cancelled our long weekend why is he telling me the possibility of a different plan?

Wouldn’t it be better if he waited till he figured out everything instead of getting my hopes up once again to be dashed?

Do me ever think about a women’s feelings when they do things?

Why do I care so much?

Just what I expected


My daddy promised a trip this coming weekend with a couple extra days.  I have already asked for the time off.  Then last week he mentioned he might get called away on business.  I figured something would happen but hoped it wouldn’t.

He called this afternoon when I got home so I knew it was bad because he never calls till he gets off work unless it is bad news.

He said he got called out-of-town Wednesday till Sunday.  Well since I was taking off Thursday late, Friday, and next Monday I guess that won’t happen.

He has to be back at work Monday so once more plans change.  I really am not so surprised.  It is just what I expected.

It’s Magic



I was upset on Thursday afternoon feeling sorry for myself when daddy called and he knew I was upset. I asked him why I still loved him when I was so sad.  He started singing “How else can I explain
Those rainbows when there is no rain
It’s magic…”

I found the song and I downloaded it.  You have got to hear it.  Etta Jones sounds sultry.  I love it.  I still miss daddy so much but it means a lot to me when he sings lyrics like this to me.

  • It’s Magic
  • You sigh, a song begins,
    You speak and I hear violins
    It’s magic
    The stars desert the skies
    And rush to nestle in your eyes
    It’s magic
    Without a golden wand
    Or mystic charms,
    Fantastic things begin
    When I am in your arms
    When we walk hand in hand
    The world becomes a wonderland
    It’s magic
    How else can I explain
    Those rainbows when there is no rain
    It’s magic…
    Why do I tell myself
    These things that happen are all really true
    When in my heart I know
    The magic is my love for you

Dream or Reality?


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About 6:30 this morning while I was sleeping my phone rang and I answered to my daddy’s voice saying “Who are you?”  In my fog I said “I am yours”.  He said “You are the one that my cock wants inside.  You are the one that I want to have sex with. You are the only one.”

I fell back to sleep and later when I got up I wondered if it was just a dream.  I went about my morning meetings and prepared to drive home.  On my way home I texted daddy: “Did you call me this morning and say you wanted sex or was that just in my dream?”

Instead of a text back he called.  He said “why would that have been a dream?”.  I said well saying I am the one you want is a dream to me.  He said well it is true.

I still feel like I am in a dream. Just hope reality continues to be as good as a dream since I really hate nightmares and I have had enough of those to last a lifetime.

Hotel waste


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biggest waste of a hotel yet occurred last night and tonight. 

Every year in February I go to a conference for my job. They pay for a nice hotel room and all my travel expenses. 

The past three years daddy came and took me out on a real date and stayed with me. Even though he didn’t get to spend the night two of the years the fact he came and took me out to a 5 star restaurant made me the happiest woman around. 

This year when I found out the dates of the conference I let daddy know. I always find out the first week of January so that works. Two weeks ago I reminded him again and he said if things didn’t get better at work he wouldn’t be able to come. 

Let me say that I was devastated. You have to understand that for the other woman if you have a ‘tradition’ then it is the most sacred thing. A tradition for the other woman is anytime you can repeatedly do the same thing such as this date night and well I guess that is all because we don’t get much consistency. 

Anyway I have been down in the dumps during this conference because I didn’t get my ‘fairy tale’ date. It seems stupid to the outsider I am sure but to me it meant so much. 

So therefore I feel this huge suite is a waste. It would have been so much more fun with daddy.  

Is Monday over yet?



Well after not hearing from daddy all weekend I actually talked to him on the phone three times today. I’ll write more to explain tomorrow bc I have to sleep now.
I will say that the one plus of the day was daddy saying he loved me before I said it. He usually says I love you too after I do. Or he will say daddy loves you. Or he says you know I love my good girl. But today we were on the phone and we were discussing something and I was driving in my car and he was working. He got ready to hang up and he said I love you. It stunned me so I waited. He said are not going to say something. I said well you already know I love you because I tell you all the time. He said can you not say it. I said what do you mean. He said I am saying to you I love you. I said I love you too. He said that is the first time I said it first. You said too. He was happy because he said it first. Not sure what it meant but I did get a goodnight kiss text before he went to bed and I haven’t gotten one of those in over a year unless he is on a business trip.
I take small things as victories for my heart and I smile for I am happy.